About Us

Hi everyone welcome to my Technology blog Am happy you want to know more about www.techsfair.com
www.techsfair.com is an online information and technology, internetworking and innovation platform, that has come to break boundaries in the information and technology era.

We at www.techsfair.com believe that It is now in the hand of business owner to continues to reap the benefits of technology.

While the productivity of businesses may have once been hindered and slowed down, years back due to the absence of technology, now technology such as cloud computing, mobile technology, internet portals, business intelligence, and databases eradicate any boundary of limitations.

And now better and more reliable businesses have come into exist, because technology has come to make a huge impart and difference to the way business owners operates, and how staffs are enabled to carry out task.

www.techsfair.com is not only keeping you in track,with information and technology but we are also here to help you in speeding up processes and allowing flexible new ways of working, and also to  transform how your business functions, so that you will often save both time, human capital and money.

www.techsfair.com has made pages like Mikrotik, data plan,Tools and so many others label to always keep you updated.

www.techsfair.com offers News on new products and contents from industry owners like Androids, Mikrotik, Cisco, Apple, Google, etc and we also support your from the point of buying to the final installation and testing.


www.techsfair.com was founded by KELLY COLLINS, a Cisco Certified Network Associate and a Telecommunication Engineer with many years of industry-proven experience in network design, implementation and optimization. collins works as a network wireless engineer with one of the leading internet service providers in West Africa.