Mikrotik Router Cool Features.

I would like to recommend mikrotik routers for every tech person, hence the router configuration method is so simplified in just one page for both new and old IT Engineers.
 If your new here, you really will not be needing much when it comes to configuration because most of the works done here are just clicks, drags and drop so it seems simple and a DIY things.
When you approach any mikrotik router, the first thing you must do is to login to your router using Mikrotik winbox and the right authentication parameters.

 Initially the username is Admin while there is no password set. Once you’re logged in, you will see an interface like the one below:

All other works are done here: Let’s take a look on few things that needs setup here Addresses: here you will be putting all the address of your router Wlan and ether IP addresses.

Route talks about your gate way.
 DNS: can be use as public DNS.

 DHCP server to enable the router issue out IP Address automatically.

SNMP : Allows you to monitor the client from your end. It’s a network monitoring protocol.

 Hotspot : for wireless broadcast.

 The basic thing here is, on like Cisco where you will be needing bunch of commands; here the job is visualized and carried out with easy and you will get same result even with some kind of  minimal time.

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