The Last Time I turned Of my Laptop Was Four Years Ago.

I know it’s not really a big deal because so many servers have being for Tens of years, some are even going up to hundred as we write now. Both there is this joy you drive knowing that the computer you bought some years back have being working effortlessly for years without complain.

When you get a computer you aimed at using it for a certain period, but for some reasons that you can’t finish a job before another just like me can make want to choose a power option for your computer.
Using power option utility, there are a number of power settings that can be configured to for the computer for example hibernate option: in this mode the computer will store whatever that is in the currently memory on the hard disk and shut down the, when the computer comes up back it will return to the state where it was in upon hibernation.
In your computer power option utility, you can enable and disable hibernation, and you can view how much disk that is available and needed for hibernation. Once hibernation is enabled, then you can configure the settings when hibernation will take place.
For my desktop running as server the only thing I switch off is the monitor this is because it provides remote login and monitoring services.
You can determine the amount of time of inactivity you want your computer to run in sleep mode or standby mode.
In sleep mode, the computer conserve as much energy as possible by cutting of power  to that part of machine that is not necessarily in need of it at the moment, excluding RAM, which is needed to restore the system to it’s state once it is woken up from sleep mode. Depending on the system and operating system sleep mode can be called variety of things even known as suspend mode in Linux.
Lastly you can manage your computer power options by using the standby mode which is another computer mode that uses less power. In standby mode, the computer reduces power to the hard drive and peripherals, while storing data in the RAM, And hence the data is in the RAM the time recovery from this mode is quicker than sleep mode.

2 thoughts on “The Last Time I turned Of my Laptop Was Four Years Ago.

  • July 13, 2018 at 7:35 am

    I usually turn off my computer whenever I am gone from my apartment for an extended time (like going to work). I don't want to use a lot of electricity as it can be expensive here in Japan. But, I have to rethink that after reading this post. Good job, very informative.


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