Trusted And Untrusted Source.

We all look forward to use big devices and gadgets, Some are already using these devices even years back before now, The essence of it all for me is to allow you run good and better applications on your devices, most of us do away with outdated phones, laptops and gadgets to be in line with the updated applications.

But we must all consider when loading our gadget with applications that the sources of every single application varies. We should understand that some source is trusted while others are untrusted. If you want to know Applications that are trusted you should ensure to download and update all your apps from the right source, which is the official app store through a device that is considered, trusted also.
When you download an app from a trusted source that mean that these apps are only made available if they have pass a number of verification and qualification to be included in the apps store somewhere there. Most of those apps out there that users surf on the internet might or might not be from a trusted source. We should also consider when using the internet that every secure wireless network with an encrypted connection can be considered trusted. Ad hoc networks created via Bluetooth connections are all untrusted as are public network such as those found in coffee shops.
To solve problem associated with untrusted apps and file trying to access your device, almost all device has a built in firewall hardware and software to help protect against unauthorized connection from other devices and software that are attempting to connect to and communicate with through the device, is just for you to explore your device and turn these features on. These firewalls can be configured to block apps on the device from connecting and communicating with services outside of the device in this form it will now enhance the performance of your gadget and also protect it from common types of attacks.

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  • July 16, 2018 at 7:48 am

    This is great info to help navigate where we get our apps. Thanks for sharing.


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