Turn Your Computer Into Wifi- Hotspot Using These Great Features.

Sharing your internet connections with friends and family can be an awesome thing…. these day some many of us spend too much in buying a mifi and wifi for this purpose, what happens if you can activate this feature in windows operating system to easily sharing your internet.

 Using the feature and the tutorial below, you can simply turn your computer which has wireless network card integrated and turn it into Wi-Fi hotspot and share your internet connection with your friends or family members.

The good news is that, each laptop has a wireless network card integrated by default. So, if you are a laptop user, you can turn your laptop into Wi-Fi hotspot so easily. If you are a Desktop user, you can also turn your desktop as a Wi-Fi hotspot if you integrate a wireless network adapter on your desktop. Wi-Fi hotspot in windows operating system can be created with one of the features below, : windows command or third party software tool. If you wish to turn your computer into Wi-Fi hotspot.

1: creating Wi-Fi Hotspot with Windows Command Requirements: System, laptop or desktop must have wireless network card integrated. windows operating system installed. Procedure: 1. First, you have to open Command Prompt with admin privilege. If you do not open Command Prompt with admin privilege, you will not be able to apply commands which will turn your computer into Wi-Fi hotspot. To open Command Prompt with admin privileges, type cmd in your windows search box and find cmd.exe program. Now click mouse right button on it and click on Run as Administrator menu item. Your prompt command administrator will appear now.
2. Type below command in it and hit enter key. netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = MyWifi key = Passkey @ 10 where ssid is your Wi-Fi access point name which will be shown in wireless network connection list of any other network device and key is the password of your access point which must enter to connect to this network. You can change ssid and key as you like in this command but key must be at least 8 characters.
 3. Open Network and Sharing Center from control panel and click on Change adapter settings link from left panel. A new Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter named as Wireless Network Connection with any numeric value will be created here.
 4. Now click mouse right button on your active network adapter (Ethernet Adapter) by which you are connected to internet and select Properties option.

5. Click on Sharing tab and check Allow other network users to connect this computer’s internet connection checkbox and then choose your newly created network adapter from drop-down menu and click OK button.
 6. Now type below command in Command Prompt and hit enter key. Every time you restart your computer, you must enter this command. netsh wlan start hostednetwork.
7. Connect to your ssid (here MyWifi ) from another laptop or smartphone with the key which you have put in your previous command and browse the internet.If everything is OK, you are now able to browse internet successfully.
1.If any connection error is occurred to the PC client, stop and restart your Wi-Fi with below two commands. netsh wlan stop hostednetwork netsh wlan start hostednetwork
2. Always open command prompt with admin privileges. Otherwise command will not be completed successfully.
 Creating Wi-Fi Hotspot with Third Party Software Tool .
There are a lot of third party software by which you can turn your computer into Wi-Fi hotspot. Among these, I will show you how to turn your computer into Wi-Fi hotspot with My WIFI Router software.
My WIFI Router Graphical Interface Wi-Fi Hotspot with My WIFI Router My WIFI Router is a free software tool which can turn your computer into Wi-Fi hotspot. But you have to download, install and do first time configuration before using this software.
1. Download My WIFI Router from this link. After completing download, double click on setup [.exe] file and follow the instructions to complete the installation process.
 2. Now run the software from the start menu or from the shortcut icon in desktop for configuring the first time. In the first time interface, type Hotspot Name which will be your Wi-Fi access point name and Password which is necessary to connect to this hotspot and then click Start button. Wi-Fi hotspot will be created within a few seconds.
Now connect the other network devices with your given password. I hope, you will now be able to access the internet.
If you need to stop the hotspot, just click the Stop button. Your hotspot will be stopped.

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