Refresh an installed windows system.

If a user is having intermittent problems with their windows 8/8.1 system and several repairs have been tried but haven’t completely resolved the problem you might consider performing a system refresh. To perform system refresh without affecting user files: first of all you need to verify the user has been backed up .

it is important to note the licence key of the copy of the window 8 or 8.1installed. if not you can use a tool such as magical jelly bean keyfinder to view key and record the licence key for the for the operating system and some other apps as applications installed on the system.

 Procedures: From the charms bar, select change PC settings. Select upgrade and recovery Select recovery Under refresh your pc without affecting your files select get started.
Read the message in the refresh your pc banner, then select next.
 If a list of Apps you will need to reinstalled is displayed, record the list items and then select Next. At this time windows store Apps will automatically reinstalled but traditional windows applications will not be, so those are the application there will be listed.

This process will reboot the system but will not require any user intervention until the refresh is complete.
Login into your system when the refresh is done and then verify that the refresh is completed successfully. You can now locate the apps you expected to find.
Try accessing the internet.
Try out any other features you feel would help you ensure that the refresh was successful.
 If necessary , reinstall any apps from the apps you will need to reinstall list.

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