How To Setup Hotspot Free Trial On MikroTik Router.

 Mikrotik Routers features a hotspot proxy that can function as a “free trial” or free wifi hotspot internet access., that can be used in some of your business environments such as restaurants, coffee shops, schools, hospitals, hotels etc., by providing free wifi internet connection services for your visitors/customers without having to create or share a username password.

Your customers just click or tap the Free Access / Free Internet Access button on your hotspot login page portal and then they will be able to access internet. This type of programe can be use as an incentive to keep customer busy while discussing business of having coffee in your restaurant.

With this feature you can setup the following in into your router:

Duration: This can be said to be the time duration for how long your customers/visitors can access free internet.

Assessment : This let you configure the amount of data your customers/visitors can access

Simple Queue , This allows you to limit internet connection speeds of the users.

How To Setup Hotspot Free Trial On MikroTik Router

In this tutorial, I will be working us through a basic configuration on how to activate the mikrotik router free hotspot trial, which allows you to access the inter for a period of time.

We will be working with the following steps below

Check the ” Trial ” option.

” Trial Uptime Limit ” fill in how long users can use free internet access.

” Trial Uptime Reset ” time resets user uptime.

” Trial User Profile ” User Profiles that are used by free trial/internet users.

From the displayed the picture above, we will be giving out free internet access for 3 hours (Pt.1) and after the user’s time quota has run out, the same user/gadget can reuse free internet access after the next 18 hours (Pt. 3) and use configuration “User Profile” with the name “trial“.

Let’s Create A User Profile

On free trial/access mode, the for some feature to work perfectly, we need to configure user profiles that will be applied to users using free internet access, which includes the following below.

Name ” example fill in the name “trial“
” Rate Limit (Rx / Tx) ” limits upload speed and download per user.
As in our picture, the configuration of User Profile used for free trial/internet users uses the name “Trial” and is limited to upload speeds of 64Kbps and downloads of 384Kbps for each user.

Let’s NowLimit User Trial / Free Access using simple queue

We can restricted users based on upload/download access, what if we wanted to limit access based on data quota/amount of data spent by users?

This trial feature has a function that can limit internet usage based on data quota. You can see on IP > Hotspot > Users have a line “counters and limits for trial users“

The above example limits the free internet connection access with a total data access of 250MB (total download & upload), if the user has exceeded the data quota limit, the user cannot use an internet connection.

Custom Login Page | Free Internet Access

In the default Mikrotik portal view, it might be a bit difficult to see for free access users.

You can use several login page templates that can be used to provide free internet services in the Free Download MikroTik Hotspot Page Login. Examples of portal pages specifically to provide free internet services to guests or customers in your business by utilizing the “Trial” feature of the proxy hotspot using only one tap / click without the hassle of distributing vouchers/username passwords.

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