Fix Unfortunately Google play Services Has Stopped On Your Android.

Every device is bound to have issues or problem with time, these fault come either naturally from factory, commonly called factory error or  during end user. Whichever one is it? One thing for sure is that you can always troubleshoot and fix your mobile device with just a tip from this blog. So today we are going fix one of the common android mobile device problems. Which can constantly pop up in front of your mobile device and disturb you with a message “unfortunately Google play services has stopped”.

This message could be annoying and will not even allow performing any task on your mobile device. If you want to know why please read my post on google play services here, the post explains in clear terms all the importance of Google play services on every device running Android operating system.To fix unfortunately Google play services has stop please follow these simple steps.

#1  Clear the Google Play Services cache

To clear the Google Play Services cache, click on your device’s Settings menu and look for google play services App. click on it and then tap on Google Play Services. Tap on Force stop, and then on Clear cache. And then, you should restart your phone.

#2 Update Google Play Services
Updating Google Play Services should fix that annoying “Google Play Services has stopped” error. It may be that probably an older version of Google Play Services is running on the background causing error while trying to authentic a newer version of Google play services on your android installed device.  If you already have the latest version try uninstalling and reinstalling it anyway. You can download Google Play Services here.

#3 Disable Google Play Services updates

This method I don’t really like it because it will probably stop apps from updating, but it really works. To disable the services, open up Settings and then go to Apps. From the list, select Google Play Services. This will show you a lot of information about the application, but what you need is the button that says Uninstall updates. Tap on that, and then restart your device.

 #4 Factory reset, Restore and backup device.
As a factory reset (also known as a hard reset) will wipe your phone, it is best to use this last option. Because everything on your phone will be wiped, you should create a back up file or folder and save your data either on a computer or in a hard drive before you start.
Performing a factory reset varies depending on your device (usually a combination of the power and volume buttons), so it’s best to do a quick search for some instructions specific to the device you are using. But for some few Android devices click on setting.
I hope these simple do it yourself steps will fix your phone and let you enjoy your android device once again. please tell us your experience on the comment box below.

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  • November 30, 2017 at 5:07 am

    Never had this happen before, bit i know just what to do if it does. Thanks for sharing


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