Internet of things

The internet often called net, can be defined as a global collection of computers connected to each other, sharing available resources and communicating effectively.

This global network oinks of thousands of computers in the universities, government agenesis, and research institute and business houses all over the globe. The internet is often referring to as World Wide Web but in all this just an aspect of the internet.

On the internet information travels through a Varity of languages known as protocol, and each computer connected to the internet can communicate effectively with another  through a through a transmission control protocol / internet protocol , messages or information sent or received on the internet are in the form of  files.

Uses of internet
The internet is used t communicate with friends, relations, family members, business partners etc in any part of the world. Also use in searching for information on the web through search engines.
 While some people are using it for sending and receiving messages others uses it for electronic learning and also computer based training programs.

There so many reasons for the internet hence the name internet of things depending on the wants and needs of the user, the internet can also be used in the any of these following reasons :

 electronic communication such like  E chatting, planning a trip, advertisement and marketing  or even to access education network group in general  it could also be use in gathering information about organization, countries and companies depending on the interest of the user.
Benefits of the internet of things

The internet of things have numerous benefits which might not have an ending while outlining them just a few is given below hence the need and uses of internet of things increases as the day comes by, developers are working tirelessly making the world a better place just by using the  internet.

 I could recall some years back when were young   the faces our parents make when we tell them we are going to the café’ to browse the internet, they even go as far as calling us internet addict, accusing us of abusing the internet but today I don’t know if our parents can stand on the cue when they said there is not internet to pay out cash or for them to carry out their transaction.

Seeing the face they make, will even restore the internet connection at the speed of light, in fact the excitements on their face when they heard that the internet connection have being restored makes me think that they, the aged people are more infected by the internet of things even the more.
The internet provides search tools called search engines for users to get information quickly and easily.

Online payment transaction, this started as the introduction of Microsoft wallet which enables user to send  personal details securely through the internet  which also guarantees securities.
Investment: the internet gives financial and investment information throughout the year.
Online shopping:

 Today people sit around their house and do their goods and services purchase and trade on the internet just from the comfort of their homes using  internet connected computers.

Online banking: with the trending growing on the internet of things financial institution now allows their customer to use other channels for quick and easy transaction making it better for everyone of them and also decongesting other channels.

Education: with the help of internet of things today educating is fast growing and spreading e-learning has no limitation whatsoever, online courses and certifications are then acquired through online studies.
Software:  Almost all the software companies have internet sites from which one can download the latest  version of their software.


Conferencing: with the internet connection, people of like minds come together to share information through conferencing with a virtual conference room.

Away from all these advantages of the internet there are also some more limitation we should look at for while using the internet, meanwhile the internet is said to be abuse when the following is happening on the internet.


Piracy of software.


Attacking other systems.



Computer virus.

Years ago we write letters to friends or family members far of country, wondering when it will get them but today the internet is here breaking these barriers and facilitating easy and  instant communication between you and your loved ones , the role of the postman have being eradicated and this is just  one of it numerous advantages. The internet has really played a big role in bringing together people of diverse cultures, nations and religion to a single platform.

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