Gaming PC’s

A gaming PC is a computer that comes equipped with powerful capabilities, fast processing capabilities and a large amount of memory. 
The main difference between a gaming PC and another consumer workstation

is that they are specifically  designed and built to support the demanding  computing requirement  by gaming software application.

All gaming PC’s will require a high-end GPU to support the detail 3D graphics and realistic imagery with a number of application options, message boards, and file sharing via online portals, such as steam and origin.
Most popular gaming software application includes the following:
League of legends.
Diablo III.
World of warcraft.
starCraft II : Heart of the Swarm.
Dota 2.
Guild wars.
There are actually a wide range and Variety of gaming software application that each gaming PC will have specific requirements base on the needs of the user and the application used. Gaming PC’s requires  very specific components in order to support the demand of gaming software. Common requirements includes the following:
A multicore  processor.
A high end video/ specialized a GPU unit.
A high definition sound card.

High –end cooling such as water cooling system.

Maximum RAM that is supported by the motherboard.

Fast internet connection for interactive gaming needs.

Real-time video and audio input/output capabilities.

In some cases , HDMI output.

Gaming peripherals
To make your gaming experience excellent to an extent you need some more plug ins.

 There are many different peripherals used within the gaming world. The most common pones include the mouse and the keyboard.

 But there are many others that can be used depending on the type of game played:

Gaming mice that are wireless and include many buttons and difference ergonomic factors.

Customized keypads, with movable key.

Steering wheels used for auto racing games.

3D glasses.

Specialized gaming mouse pad.

Specialized audio system.

PC video camera.

This post is specially dedicated to game lovers all around the world.

 This post is just about simple guide on how to chose a gaming PC.
Thanks and stay connected.

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