Stelcoin Is Bringing Freelancing To Blockchain.

A good boss of mine always say that success come in the form of boxer and singlet. It is left for you to choose which one to cloth with, He emphasis that being poor is just a matter of seeing opportunities and passing it by, over and over again. For me cryptocurrency are making many mighty and rich as the day break. Many today live in pain of had I  known that bitcoin will be this valued they would have invested years back. For me opportunities are spread under the sun each day all you need to do is just to get informed.

For future billionaires I introduce a new way of turning around the financial status of my friends, lovers and serious minded investors with just a coin. SETlcoin.
Stelance is a freelancing community where free-lancers globally will be able to not only
render services but also own personal offices on the internet with a total target community of
about 5 million people. 
Services will be rendered by freelancers and received by buyers but
the only system of payments and payment currency will be Stelcoin.
The goal is to become the first and largest trusted decentralized freelance community in the
world with professional freelancers and to attract buyers globally.
Freelance jobs means, Fields where freelancing is especially common including journalism
and other forms of writing, computer programming and graphic design, consulting, and
many other professional and creative services.
You could own a 1 IBM-S SETLcoin that’s valued at 100 IBM Shares, for example. Your wallet could contain 1 IBM-S SETLcoin along with 2 GOOG-S SETLcoins which are worth a certain number of Google shares.
 Customers could exchange a single IBM-SETLcoin for one or more GOOG SETLcoins. Or, they could exchange SETLcoins for 13,000 USD SETLcoins, 5 bitcoins, or 100 Litecoins.
Why SETLcoin Is So Important
The modern day settlement system isn’t ideal. It’s not suited for our modern, digital world.
Today’s settlement system allows for trades between buyers and sellers. When a trade is made between a buyer and seller, a clearing house like the National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC) matches the trade instructions as received from both of the trading parties. This process of matching is called clearing.
After the successful matching of trade details, the clearing house initiates the settlement process. The clearing house transfers securities from the seller’s account to the buyer’s account, then transfers payments from the buyer’s account to the seller’s account.

 Receive free $60 & also get $20 referral, Just follow the simple steps below to participate.

Total of 1,000,000 tokens to be shared among members


Whitelisted members will buy at $0.65 for total of 1,000,000 tokens


 Sign up bonus= sign up through our telegram link and claim free $30 stelcoin.
 Regular airdrop =Refer a friend and earn extra $10
Join us on telegram to view and fill the forms.

Note: distribution of 2nd phase airdrop will be distributed automatically  After ICO.
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