How to Activate Microsoft Multi Factor Authentication/ User Guide

What is the MFA?

This second authentication factor will be required for each connection to the office 365 or Azure portal.
MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) is an authentication method that allows a user to securely authenticate to Microsoft applications and to prove his digital identity this check is to verify that the authenticated user is who he claims to be.
This method of authentication, also known as “strong authentication”, offers protection against the risk of identity theft, theft of sensitive data and/or financial fraud.
In essence It is complementary to a password.
For this purpose, two authentication factors are required, in addition to the login:
• The conventionnel password
• The second element, provided by a smartphone (approbation notification, random 6-digit code, … )

The objective is to strengthen the security of your accounts, for this purpose the second factor will be associated with your identity and will be asked each time you connect to your applications such as Outlook mail, SharePoint sites, etc..

Which method to use?


This guide presents three methods of using the MFA which is strongly recommended, for practical and security reasons, to use the first method, the Microsoft Authenticator notification.

The first two solutions require the installation of the Microsoft Authenticator application and the last one requires a phone number.

The benefits and disadvantages of the different methods are as follows:
Solution Benefits Disadvantages
Microsoft Authenticator notification
(recommended) • Fast
• No need to perform any manipulation • Download of an application required
Microsoft Authenticator validation code • Fast • Download of an application required
SMS • No internet connection required • Less secure
1. Initial MFA Configuration

Platforms :
My professional workstation
My smartphone
My Login O365
Before configuring the MFA, I install Microsoft Authenticator on my smartphone :
On iPhone :

a.  open the “App Store ” application
b. Search for “Microsoft authenticator
c.  click on “Install”.
On Android Smartphone :
a. open the “Play Store” application
b.  Search for “Microsoft authenticator”
c.  click on “Install”

Follow the next steps:
1. From a professional PC, connect to
2. Enter the login
3. Click on “Next”.
4. Enter the password
5. Click on “Sign in”.
6. Click on “Next”.
7. Choose “Mobile App” and select “Select Notifications for verification” then click on Set Up
8. A QR Code is displayed
9. Open the application on the phone and click on Scan QR code
10. Allow authorization if requested



11. On the application: Select “Analyze QR code”.
12. Scan the QR code displayed on the PC screen with the phone
13. The account was successfully added to the phone.


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