Transfer Files Between user accounts in Windows 10

Transferring files from one user account to another was a very hard one until I discover a simple way of doing this in just a minute. Before I used to copy out the files to an external drive and then paste it on the activated users account, but that was a very horrible thing to do, hence the files might be exposed to threat or even compromise. The only thing that matters in this operation is to make sure you have the admin privilege on the said computer, if you have forgotten the admin username and password then you have to look for another way of performing this operation. This is one of the reasons, computer management should always come first.

In computer management, the administrators account is activated, and password assigned to the admin account, this also can act as a child lock or even family restriction, in some cases the admin password can be shared among trusted members.


When all is in order, follow the step below to get your files from another user account:

  1. Lunch file explorer.
  2. Click on this This PC.
  3. Click on windows (C) drive.
  4. Next is to locate and click on Users.
  5. Locate the user and click on it to open files.



At this point if you’re not log in an admin you will be asked to provide the admin username and password, but if your one of the admins on the computer clicking on continue will lunch the files your looking for to move.


Once your logged in you will see all the folders such as desktop, documents, download, music etc. you can either copy and keep a version or cut and paste depending on the individual periotic.

With this I hope you can copy all your files from another users account to either external disk or even another folder I the same computer.

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