How To Add Signature To An Email Address.

Ordinarily, a signature can be affixed in several different ways. It can be handwritten, printed, stamped, typewritten, engraved, or photographed. This allows, for example, a business to issue its payroll checks with the signature of its financial officer stamped rather than handwritten.

The computer and Telecommunications have changed how work is done and how it is exchanged. Both business and the legal system have begun to explore ways of using the Internet and other forms of electronic communication to transact work. Court systems cannot permit the electronic filing of legal documents, however, unless the documents have been authenticated as coming from the sender. Similarly, businesses will not enter into contracts using the Internet or E-Mail unless they can authenticate that the other contracting party actually made the agreement.

So then how do we add signatures to Email document to ascertain its authentication, below I will work you through its simple and straight.


In this tutorial am using office 365


Login into your outlook

Click on new mail

On top of the ribbon location and Icon with pen enclosed in a rectangle shape


Click on it to drop down the menu and click on signatures

Click on Email signature and click on new which displays a box to give your email signature profile a name. click on ok when done.


In the box provided below type in your digital signatures or copy and paste.


Click save and click ok


To check if this worked, closes all tab and click on new mail at this point your suppose to see your digital signature below.

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