How To Manage A workstation: Computer Management

Here in this tutorial, am going to show you how to manage a computer using inbuilt computer management features. first It is important to manage users in large organization where privacy and piracy laws need to be respected. Often times employees tends to install files, software and application on corporate computer without consulting appropriate  authorities, this,  in most cases this has lead to breach of security and policies signed by some organization without them knowing.

These are so many risk involve in breaching contract agreement between a vendor which several employees are not aware for this reason it is always important to activate computer management policy in all cooperate computers to effectively manage and oversee the activities of every user, once this task is performed, the admin who knows job ethics is expected to be the only one with admin authentication details hence the admin attention will be required when high level of permission is required to perform a task which might lead to changes in the computer/ workstation.

Here am going to work you through on how to activate the admin account on each computer.

  1. From the computer search button type the following command:

Lusrmgr.msc and press enter to access the Microsoft common console document

Once on this page you can activate the Administrator account by right clicking on the administrator, assigning password, confirm the password.

Uncheck account is disabled.

Check password never expires.

You can also set the password to expire at a certain period to keep your trust with your workstation.

In some cases, users are prompted to change passwords on login, for me I think that future should be disabled also.

If all these features are set properly the admin will be the only person in charge of making changes in the computer.

Below is a screen shoot of the tutorial

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