IT, ADS : How To Easily Join A computer To A Domain, Windows 7&10.

As an IT specialist, one of the control measures you can take to protect your network is by simply adding your computers to an Active Directory. This process is straightforward.

In most cases, all you need to do is join the workstation\ computer to your Windows domain and do a reboot.

You can use Active Directory Users and Computers to double-check that a computer was successfully added to a domain. While the feature is built into Windows Server, if you want to use a Windows 7 computer to manage Active Directory computers although windows 7 is no longer supported at this moment, it must be joined to the domain as well after downloading Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7.

here are the steps of below:

Add Computer to Domain


Log in to the computer in question with a local administrator account.


Click Start and right-click “Computer.” or This Pc in windows 10


Click “Properties.”


Click the “Change settings” link under “Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings.” in the control panel area.


Click the “Computer Name” tab.


Click the “Change . . . “ button.


Click the “Domain” radio button and type the name of your Windows domain in the domain field.


Click “OK.” When prompted, enter the username and password of an account that has the right to add computers to the domain. Usually, this account must be in the Account Operators, Domain Admins or Enterprise Admins security group.

Welcome To Your New Domain ! message will appear if all configuration where done perfectly.


Click “OK” again.


Reboot the computer when prompted

Check the Account in Active Directory


Log in to your Windows domain controller or a Windows 7 workstation that has the Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7 installed. You must use an account in the Account Operators, Domain Admins or Enterprise Admins group for the domain in question, or have been granted explicit permission to manage domain computers.


Click Start, then “Control Panel,” double-click “Administrative Tools” and double-click “Active Directory Users and Computers.” If you’re logged into a Windows Server machine, click Start and type “dsa.msc” (without quotation marks) in the Search box and press “Enter.”


Right-click on the domain name in the tree on the left and click “Find.”


Click “Computers” in the “Find” dialog box.


Type the name of the computer you just added to the domain in the “Name” field.


Click “Find.” If the computer name appears in the search results, you’ve successfully added the computer to Active Directory.

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