Standard Access Control lists And IOS Commands to Create A Standard Access Control list.

Standard Access Control Lists (ACLs) are the oldest type of Access Control Lists (ACL).

Standard IP access lists are used to permit/deny traffic only based on source IP address of the IP datagram packets.

Standard Access Control Lists (ACLs) can be created by using the “access-lists” IOS command. The syntax of “access-list” IOS command to create a Standard Access Control List is shown below.

access-list [Access_list_number] [permit | deny] [IP_address] [wildcard mask (optional)]

The arguments are explained in detail below.

Access_list_number: For Standard Access Control List, Access list number must be between 1–99 or 1300–1999.

permit | deny: Whether to permit or deny traffic.

IP_address: An IP address to filter the traffic.

wildcard mask: Instead of specifying a single IP address, you can also permit or deny networks/subnets entirely or partly by using wildcard masks, also known as inverse masks. Wildcard mask is optional in above IOS command.

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