How to use putty as terminal emulator to configure, monitor or even manage a cisco router or switch

We designed this post to show how to use putty which is a terminal emulator to configure, monitor or even manage a cisco router or switch in every organization. We have being finding it difficult since the removal of Hyper Terminal from Windows client Operating Systems from Windows Vista onwards. And today we have a good alternative terminal emulator software to HyperTerminal which is PuTTY. You can easily Click the following link to download PuTTY. Before you proceed make sure that you have correct console connection to Cisco Router or Switch depending on the one you’re working on right now. The next step is to Connect the RJ45 jack of your console cable to the console port of your Cisco Router or Switch. Connect the other end to the Serial port of your computer. Refer the following link to know more about Serial Port is not available in your computer. 1) After downloading PuTTY, connect the console cable with Cisco Router or Switch; double click putty.exe to execute it. Expand Connection > Serial. Enter the port number inside “Serial line to connect to” text box. The port number is COM4 in below example. The port number may be different in your computer. Enter the correct port number when you connect from your computer. Enter other values also as shown below. • Bits per sec: 9600 • Data bits: 8 • Parity: none • Stop bits: 1 • Flow control: none setup

2) Click Session and click “Serial” radio button.Verify whether you can see the port number and the baud rate (9600) you hadselected before. Click “Open” to connect to Cisco Router or SwitchIOS.

3) PuTTY is connected to Cisco IOS and now you can configure, monitor or manage a Cisco Router or Switch using putty.

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