How to Simply Add Google Analytics to Blogger (Easy way )

Google Analytics is the most powerful web analytics service provided by Google. Just like other free Google easy to access products, presently analytics has new versions available which are more user-friendly and efficient. This tool plays a vital part of blogging for every blogger. Therefore I am highly recommending you to learn how to add Google Analytics to blogger and its functionalities.
I have seen many bloggers use various online visitor counter widgets to show their blog’s popularity. It’s never a bad idea but only adding a simple widget to show or analyze the activity of your blog’s visitor is not enough. You must understand your visitor’s activity and your website’s performance accurately. For this reason, Google also highly recommends using Google Analytics on every blog.

Google Analytics is the most powerful web traffic tracking application. Moreover, it is an unbeatable, incomparable and completely free service. You will be able to understand the activity of your visitors, the sources of your website traffic, analyze your visitor’s landing pages, understand the conversions and much more. Also, analytics will generate every possible report to improve your blog’s performance to your readers by understanding their interest.

New Google Analytics Dashboard

The latest version of Google Analytics has a customizable dashboard where you will be able to see the entire report of your website at a glance. This is the main attraction of Google Analytics 5. You can add any report like real time visitor tracking, most visited landing pages, total visitors of a specific time period, latest campaigns etc side by side on this one single place.

How to Add Google Analytics to Blogger?

We have already known that Analytics is a free service of Google but we will not be able to use it if we don’t set up an Analytics account. Don’t worry, we can set up an account with any of our Google (Gmail) account like many other products of Google. After that, we can add Google Analytics to our blogger blog. So the entire process of adding Google Analytics to Blogger is divided into two steps.

  • Setting up a free Google Analytics Account.
  • Add Google Analytics to Blogger.

Step 1: Setup Google Analytics Account?

1. First of all visit Google Analytics to set up an account. As I have told you if you have an existing Google (Gmail) account, you can sign in with that username and password otherwise create a new Google account.

2. After signing in, you will see the Analytics “Sign up” button at the right side of the page. Click on it.

Setup Google Analytics Account-1

3. Here, you have to fill up this form with required information like below.

Setup Google Analytics Account-2

4. Now scroll all the way down and click on the get tracking id button.

Setup Google Analytics Account-3

5. A popup window will appear. Select appropriate country/region from the drop-down and accept the analytics terms of service agreement.

6. Finally, you will have your analytics “Tracking ID” and “Tracking Code”. (We will use this tracking id and code to add Google Analytics to Blogger.)

Setup Google Analytics Account-4

Note: If you already have Google Analytics tracking id or tracking code, you can avoid this entire step.

Step 2: Add Google Analytics to Blogger?

Still, we have successfully created Google Analytics account. Now we will see how to add Google Analytics to Blogger. In fact, it is also a very easy process. I will show you two different methods to add Google Analytics to Blogger. You can follow whatever method you want.

Method 1: (Using Google Analytics Tracking ID)

1. Login to your Blogger account and go to the “Settings” > “Other“. Now scroll all the way down to find “Google Analytics“.

Add Google Analytics to Blogger - Method 1

2. Here you will see an input field named “Analytics Web Property ID”. Paste the Google Analytics “Tracking ID” into the box as shown above. Finally, click on the “Save settings” button.

Method 2: (Using Google Analytics Tracking Code)

1. Login to your Blogger account and go to the “Theme” > “Edit HTML“. Scroll all the way down to find the ending “</body>” tag.

Add Google Analytics to Blogger - Method 2

2. Paste the Google Analytics “Tracking CODE” (The JavaScript code we had got in Step 1) right before the ending “</body>” tag as shown above. Finally, click on the “Save theme” button. Here is an example of Analytics Tracking Code you may take a look.

Note: Please use only one of the above method to add Google Analytics to Blogger.

Verify Google Analytics Is Working in Blogger:

So you have successfully added Google Analytics to Blogger. Now it’s time to verify is it working perfectly or not? Remember Google Analytics needs 24 hours to collect and display a website’s data. For this reason, if you visit Google Analytics immediately after adding the tracking id or code, you will see nothing. But there is a way to understand that our implementation is ok or not. So let’s check it.

1. Login to your Google Analytics account.

2. Click on the “REAL-TIME” > “Overview” link. Open a new tab in your web browser and visit your blog. Now get back to Google Analytics and see if it showing traffic or not like below:

Verify Google Analytics Is Working in Blogger

Everything seems good huh? Wait until your next reporting time according to your selected time zone to get further reports.

If you follow every above step carefully, not a single issue should be created to add Google Analytics to Blogger. However, if you are having any issue, please let me know by leaving a comment. Also, you can share your feedback and valuable opinion.

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