How to make Choice When It Comes To Buying Microsoft Surface that’s right for you

The Surface Laptop 2 is quite literally Microsoft’s most cohesive effort yet. It’s a full-fat laptop that doesn’t allow you to detach it for tablet mode like the other devices.

Compared to the Surface Book 2, this machine takes up less room in a bag and can fit into tight compartments.

It features Intel’s 8th Gen processors, 8GB of RAM at the base configuration, and is available in a few new colors, though it’s largely similar to last year’s model in its appearance.

Windows 10 Home is the default operating system here, which is a shift from last year’s base model that shipped with Windows 10 S. If you used features that are exclusive to Windows 10 Pro, you’ll have to pay to upgrade to that version.

At $999, the most affordable Surface Laptop 2 costs a bit more than the Surface Pro 6. What it lacks in its ability to turn into a tablet, its backlit, Alcantara fabric-covered keyboard might be worth the extra cost — even if you’ll need to frequently clean it to avoid discoloration.

Surface Studio review GIF

Microsoft Surface Studio.

The Studio is the odd one out as the sole desktop option. But in keeping with the Surface philosophy, it’s quite flexible and multipurpose compared to your traditional all-in-one. Its 28-inch screen can move to assume the position of a high-resolution tablet with minimal input lag, which is beyond handy if you foresee drawing or 3D modeling with the Surface Pen.

Microsoft has announced a refresh for 2018, though it still may not deliver what power users are expecting out of a desktop that costs thousands. When it launches in November, it will

include a 7th Gen Intel Core i7 processor (Intel just announced the 9th Gen) and start with 16GB of RAM, a 1TB solid state drive, and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 for graphics. Most of these specs are fairly large improvements over what came before, but even if the design is still impressive in the AIO market, the package seems to be behind the curve in terms of performance for your money.

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