Connecting to a Cisco Router

As soon as one get familiar with Cisco Router User Interface And IOS,

You can then think of how you can connect to a cisco router, once you connect to a Cisco router, the next thing that comes to your mind is to configure the router, verify the configuration,

and check statistics yes that all and I tell your right, but there are different methods or ways of connecting to a Cisco

router, but the first place you typically would connect to is the console port.

The console port is usually a RJ-45 connection on the back of the router.

This is used to connect to and configure the router. No password is set on the

console port by default.

Another way to connect to a Cisco router is through an

auxiliary port

This is really the same as a console port and can be used as such. However,

it also allows you to configure modem commands to allow a modem connection

to the router. This means you can dial up a remote router and attach

to the auxiliary port if the router is down and you need to configure it.

The third way to connect to a Cisco router is through the program



Telnet is an emulation program that emulates a dumb-terminal. You can

then use Telnet to connect to any active interface on a router like an Ethernet

or serial port.

Picture above shows an illustration of a Cisco router. Notice the different

interfaces and connections.

The router has two serial interfaces for WAN connection and one

Attachment Unit Interface (AUI) connection for a 10Mbps Ethernet network

connection. The router also has one console and one auxiliary connection via RJ-45 connectors.

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