Brief introduction to Cisco Router User Interface And IOS

Cisco Router User Interface:

My blog post have being dealing with the initial background studies on cisco network equipments, moving forward, we will be looking at The cisco Router User Interface and the Cisco Router IOS

Briefly in this post

Cisco Internetwork Operating System (IOS) is the kernel of Cisco

routers and most switches. Cisco has created what they call Cisco Fusion,

which is supposed to make all Cisco devices run the same operating system.

The reason they don’t all run the same OS is because Cisco has acquired

more devices than they have designed and built themselves. Almost all Cisco

routers run the same IOS, but only about half of the switches currently run

the Cisco IOS.

Few steps after this post here we will be looking at the Cisco IOS and how to configure a Cisco router step-by-step, first we will be using setup mode and then through the Command-Line Interface (CLI).

Cisco Router IOS :

The IOS was created to deliver network services and enable networked

applications. The Cisco IOS runs on most Cisco routers and on some Cisco

Catalyst switches, like the Catalyst 1900 switch (covered in Appendix B).

The Cisco router IOS software is used to complete the following on Cisco


Carry network protocols and functions

Connect high-speed traffic between devices

Add security to control access and stop unauthorized network use

Provide scalability for ease of network growth and redundancy
Supply network reliability for connecting to network resources

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