Bootstrap Protocol (BootP)

BootP stands for Bootstrap Protocol.

The operational formula of the protocol says that whenever a disk-less workstation is powered on, it will automatically broadcasts a BootP request on the network.
with signal going out, a BootP server will sense this signal and then request and looks up the client’s MAC address in its BootP file. When the mac address is dictated, it will therefore finds an appropriate entry, and  responds back by telling the machine its IP address and the file—usually via the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP)
—it should boot from.
BootP is used by a diskless machine to learn the following:
Its own IP address
The IP address and host name of a server machine
The boot filename of a file that is to be loaded into memory and executed
at boot-up
BootP is an old program that isn’t used anymore, right? Wrong: BootP is
still around, but now we just call it the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

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