Know This Before You Setup A Wireless Point-to-Point Between Two Mikrotik Devices.

Wireless Point-to-Point is a wireless communication connection between two points, where one host or a  mikrotik device is dedicated and connected to only one client.

 In Mikrotik Wireless Point-to-Point known (P2P) in short forms we make use two Mikrotik routers.( one at the base box another at the client end).

This setup and implementation of Point-to-Point Wireless connection on Mikrotik routers requires a minimal level 3 RouterOS license and configured to operate in the bridge-station mode.
The Mikrotik devices must be Outdoor devices that will able to withstand and resist various weather conditions; A good example mikrotik device of this kind is the mikrotik RB411, RB 433. This Mikrotik will be installed in the communications tower with its directional antenna.
During this installation, the telecom engineer must pay attention to environmental conditions and that of the Mikrotik antenna and itself.
Some Basic things to consider include:
Line of Sight
The line of Sight (LOS) is a straight line between a transmitter and receiver free from obstructions.
So the air path between the mikrotik AP which is the transmitter and the client router which will be the receiver  as much as possible there should be  nothing to block, or obstruct the (LOS) such as buildings, trees, hills, etc. If there is a barrier then Wifi connectivity will not be maximal, will not even be able to connect.
Fresnel Zone
Fresnel Zone is Area around a straight line between antennas (Los) which is used as a frequency propagation medium. In addition to the barrier-free Los, the Fresnel Zone area is also as much as possible not too many of its obstructions.
Antenna Alignment
Antenna Alignment is the direction of the antenna used. Antenna client must point to the AP antenna, and vice versa. The angle and direction of the antenna must also be considered, because if it does not lead well then the signal will not be received with the maximum.
Mikrotik 1 as Access Point (AP)
The mikrotik one can be called the base router acting as the transmitter
In configuration, Mikrotik 1 is used as AP with Bridge mode to achieve a maximum throughput.
Someone might ask Why Bridge?
 This is simply because on a PTP there is only two-way communication between AP and one Client.
 If it’s Client is more than one means it includes Point-to-Multipoint.
Whereas in bridge mode alone, it will allows only one client that can connect to the AP.
This make the router free from picking any other signal even though them might be transmitting on the same frequency thereby resulting in free interference signal.

Mikrotik 2 as Client
The client connected with AP via Wireless using Station mode.
 In the regular Station, the mode does not support L2 bridging, so it cannot be used to create a wireless network transparent bridge.
 If you use the regular Station mode then use routing instead of the bridge.
With this tutorial hopefully right now you know some more few things to do Before You Setup a Wireless Point-to-Point between Two Mikrotik Devices.
Thanks for staying with us and do leave a comment in a comment box below, if you find it difficult doing any of the above do well to contact me I will try and stay with you.

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    As we all know pretty well, to obtain a high-quality digital video and audio transmission an HDMI cable is needed. But what to do if you need to couple devices installed at a distance and it is inconvenient to use cables?


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