How to Disable Message Button on Facebook Timeline.

Facebook lets you connect with your friends and family via both public comments and private messaging.
But to some  extent these messages can be either unwanted, or disturbing, maybe your on vacation, trip or just doing something little, that requires privacy, on this you might not need to turn your phone off, hence you need to communicate to the outside world.

If you feel like not receiving messages directly from your timeline, Facebook gives you the option to disable other users from sending you direct messages by removing the message button from your Facebook Timeline.

But there some certain measures you need to take. If you wish to remove the facebook message button from you timeline then follow the tutorial below

Step 1: Log in Your Facebook Account

 Step 2: Go to your Account Profile

 Step 3: Select Profile About, and view your Basic Information.

Step 4: Select a Date of Birth and make sure to it from what it was to make it under 18 years, old (check box to confirm i’m below 18 ) and Save Changes.

 Step 5: then change your date of birth and make it under 18 it will automatically remove message button.
But remember your friends can see message button from what you have done now you will no longer receive anonymous messages, but only from your friends.

I hope this works fro you and I will like you to leave a comment in the box below

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