How To Block Some Clients Using A DHCP Server On Mikrotik Routers.

Hello guys in this tutorial am going to show how to use your DHCP server to block some users from accessing your network.
This is going to be very easy and simple tutorial so all you need do, is to keep reading if you want to block specific users from accessing your network while still using your mikrotik devices.

First of all we are going to login into our mikrotik device using winbox application and the correct authentication parameters.

username : Admin

Then hit the enter key.
This will take you to the device main menu were you will full control of the entire configurations.

click on >>>> IP.
click on >>>>DHCP server.
click on >>>> Leases.

So here the first you must do is to put the IP address of the computer you want to block on  a Static IP.
Now there are two ways you can comfortably block a client from accessing your network internet.

1. DHCP : this can be done directly from the DHCP server
2. Base on the list

Am going to show you the two ways here, so am already on the DHCP.

The next thing we are going to do is to identify the computer since we have made it static.

Double click on it to show a menu where we will find a box that say block.
The only thing you need to do is to check the box and you will see the status of the device change to B. meaning that this client is blocked so even though they are connected to your network they are block from sending and receiving internet access to your network.

Another way is to configure your DHCP to statically issues address via the list.
And before you start this second part configuration, make that the admin computer is put on static IP.

So what am going to do is to go DHCP server.

Open the address pool and choose static only.

click on Apply and ok.

At this time if the lease expire at any time the only computer or devices that will remain on the network are the one’s on static only.

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