Building a Successful Blog From Scratch .

Hello guys recently I decided to be part of a five day blogging tutorial, and to be honestly it has really improved my blogging career. Unless you’re backed by a Venture Capitalist, chances are that you’ll pretty much have to build your Blog on limited resources and manpower. I’ve seen a lot of Blogs

fade to nothing, some for obvious reasons and some due to mistakes that crept up on them unnoticed. In this brief series, I’ll be giving you practical advice

that I have come in handy in my personal quest to make a Blog successful before now, and i know that these quest are not very far from yours.

I really want us to do this In Five series and also in five parts to enable me unleash to my friends out there word to word in my best understanding what I have learnt in building a successful blog from scratch.

As the series unveils I will really appreciate questions, So am going to make these sections very interactive and then allow you to drop your questions and answer in the comment box.
The First Thing I Want Us To Look At Is What I Call The Rise and Fall of New Bloggers.

The decisions you make when setting up your blog could make or break your carrier as a blogger.

Here in this section we will be looking out for some mistakes you might have made (or are still making) and then we will discuss in details why they’re not a great ideas for your blog.

1.Being afraid of making mistakes and being uncertain about what you want to do 
For every successful business you see a lot of work being done on the background, so the people watching on the national TV only sit, watch and give you a round of applause. This is because the outcome of your thing was worth applauding for. So then Before you set up your blog, it’s important to stop and think about WHAT you’re going to blog about. Blogging is fun, enjoy it and don’t make it look very stressful by trying to be who you are not.
To make your blog successful, I strongly recommend that you pick a specific topic that you can grow and evolve all while sticking to it long term.
The biggest challenge most bloggers have faced and still facing with their blog is not having a specific niche, They want to blog about the trends thereby going off their niche and keywords.

Most times your afraid but I tell you from my personal experience that it is OK for your Blog to get banned from that Ad or Affiliate network you’re relying on for funding. I was once a victim of that.
 It’s OK for your Blog’s traffic to drop I know how it feels like. It’s OK to get in trouble for copying someone else’s content. It’s OK not to know what you really want to do with your Blog. It’s OK for your Blog to get spammed by Bots.In all these all  you need to do is to read between the lines, see your mistakes as a learning curve and learn from them. Try your best to avoid these storms but if you find yourself in them, remember that it is these temptations and tries that will make your stronger, and your remain stronger each so then savor the moment and weather the storm, and be happy for the life time experiences you gather from them.


Let your voice be heard, if this is your niche and you see it elsewhere when making a research on the topic, I still say it loud and louder …. Stick to your voice, let your voice be heard because you, presenting it your own special voice makes the difference to many. Too often, I come across Bloggers in a niche they know very little about. If you really want your Blog to be recognized then you need to actually be good at what you do.Copywriting a blog post won’t get you there. For a successful you the blogger having gotten a niche, stick to it and then develop your self by giving yourself more time to study, always bearing bearing in mind that people who read your blog post might find same content somewhere and then notice how you wrote about it

3. Direct Your Blog To Your Readers.

 This a very important part of your blog, after choosing a niche and then the next thing you will do it to narrow it down to your blog visitors: like me my blog is all about tutorials, and How To’s so in this case I am blogging about How to do configuration, How to set up devices, I will also guide you with several tech tips , I will also give you first hand information from the point of these Techs buys and gadgets to the final configurations, so with this my readers keeps coming to check for the latest updates.
4. Brand Name.
Get a particular brand name across all social media and platform, so you stop confusing people or misdirecting people from your blog
Trying to make the most money out of practically no traffic.

I was that new Blogs with really heavy ad presence. So you can imagine opening a blog and seeing ad flying everywhere…. subscription button here and have Popups, Popunders, Banners all over the Place, Interstitial Ads, Floating Ads, Text link Ads, Recommended content Ads all on one thin page. who will consciously returns to such a website… it’s really annoying… my take is anyone who finds interest in your ad will want to see it and click on it, any one who finds interest in your glog content will subscribe with easy.
No Financial plan
I’ve seen too many Blogs fail because the owners handled the Blog like a hobby and not a Business. If you think the goal is to pay for your domain name, hosting and data then pocket the rest, you’re not seeing the bigger picture. Do you ever consider numbers like how long you could maintain the Blog if your income dried up suddenly and nothing came in for a while? What of numbers like the ratio ofyour increase in income to your increase in cost as your Blog grows? Do you even keep a ledger of your Blog’s income and cost?
The Ouch For quick success
Never be carried away by tales of ‘Bloggers’ flashing money up and down on youtube telling you how the made thousand of dollars in theri first month of blogging, how they buy cars and build houses from their blogging income, i tell you that it is time for you to wake up, there’s always more to the story. They’ve only shown you the success part, there’s a work (or underground) part which they hardly ever mention (to make their success look effortless). It takes time, consistency, wit & devotion to build a successful Blog.

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