PPPoE Client Configuration

In my previous post together We have successfully completely a PPPoE service configuration in a MikroTik router. So we will assume that our mikrotik router is fully equip to receive and accept PPPoE client.
PPPoE combines two widely accepted standards, Ethernet and PPP, to provide an authenticated method of assigning IP addresses to client systems. PPPoE clients are typically personal computers connected to an ISP over a remote broadband connection, such as DSL or cable service. ISPs deploy PPPoE because it supports high-speed broadband access using their existing remote access infrastructure and because it is easier for customers to use.

Today some good number of  PPPoE clients are in vogue, due to expansion of technology.
But for this tutorial, I will be configuring PPPoE client in windows 7 operating system.
But you must understand that almost all other versions of windows operating system follows this same procedure. So, for me if your convenient doing this one perfectly you won’t face any difficulty, configuring other operating systems.
 But should in the case that you come across any problem to configure PPPoE client of any operating platform, I recommend you to do Google and learn how to configure PPPoE client of that specific operating platform. Or contact us we will be happy to offer our services at no cost.
The steps below will be guide us through configuring window 7 as PPPoE client.
We will Connect an Ethernet cable to windows 7 PC from our LAN switch.
From the network Icon on the lower right end, right click on the network icon to cpen Network and Sharing Center from Control Panel.
Now click on Setup a new connection or network link under Change your networking settings area. Set Up a Connection or Network window will appear.
In this window, click on Connect to the internet option and click the Next Connect to the Internet window will appear.
Click on Broadband (PPPoE) option from this window and put username and password that you have created in PPP secret configuration step in User name and Password input field accordingly.
I prefer your to choose the remember this password option otherwise you have to provide password every time you start your PC.
So now click on Connect If you provide correct username and password, The connection to the Internet is ready to use message will be shown. Now click on Close button. A dialer will be created in your windows 7 PC and you can enter your credential anytime to connect Internet with this dialer.
Once these steps are properly followed, you will be connected to the internet with PPPoE dialer.

So this how you go about configuring PPPoE clients.
Thanks for staying with us.

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