How To View And Reset User Manager Admin Password Of Your Hotspot On Mikrotik Router.

hello everyone welcome to this tutorial, we having being several configurations on Mikrotik Hotspot and today we are going to look at how to view and rest user manager admin password of your hotspot. This tutorial is actually going to be a 2min, read read. So please stick around.

first you may ask what will make you want to change to change your password at first. well so many reasons for different people. But if you logging into your hotspot and your getting some error messages, simply follow my steps below to change your admin password.

So then we will lunch our winbox which will then enable us to login to log into the router.

from the router menu, click on >> terminal. The terminal will appear.
please type in this command properly.  tool space user-manager.
please note that the space is just the long key on your computer not in words, and the hit the enter key.
type in customer hit the enter key.
and again type in print and hit the enter key. so here the print features displays all the informations in the router.
 so here you will find the Hotspot username and password.
so let assume you want to change it to something else then type in the following command.

Set admin password= and then you type your new password and then hit the enter key. At this moment if you type the print word you will notice that the password has being change to your new settings.

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