How To Restore User Manager Database To Default..{Hostspot}

It is very important to know how to find your way around, when resetting your Mikrotik user manager to default.
In this tutorial I will be showing you how to clear your user manager database and rest it to default. Also in this tutorial I will be pointing out some reasons why you may want to rest your User manager to default, so that you will know when your to carry out this operation in your network.

So the reason why you want to To Restore User Manager Database To Default..{Hotspot}, is maybe you configured user manager and you want to start all over again, in this process you will have to clear the database. It could be that you rest your Mikrotik Router and you want to go back because when you rest your router the user manager is not reset.

So whichever situation you find yourself in  am going to show you how t reset your user manager to default factory settings.

 So you need to log into your router using the winbox application, with your correct authentication details…. username and password.

On the menu, click on >>NEW TERMINAL.
A command window will pop up, here your going to type in some command to enable you restore the user manager to factory settings.
So then in the nee terminal window, your going to type in >>> tool user-manager >>> press the enter key.
And the type in >>>database clear press enter.

Here this will wipe the entire database information in the Mikrotik user manager and set it to default factory settings… one more piece, I will advice to make sure that you have a backup copy of your database information and have it, in stored external to your router in case you need anything in future.

In the command interface a dialog box will appear asking you to continue to clear the database ? simply type in Y and with that command your entire database is wiped off.
The next thing is to clear the log created in the user manager database.
The command for that operation is >>> clear-log>>> press enter.
press y to confirm the command.

With this, we have successfully cleared the database and we have also cleared the logs in this Mikrotik user manager.
So now you can go back to your user manager and log in without password, and it should work. But in the case you find it challenging doing the above please leave a comment in the box below let us know what you think.
This is how you go about anytime you wan to restore Mikrotik user manager database to default.

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    With this tutorial, I have learn how to resety user manager to default factory settings. Keep it up


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