How To Configure Hotspot On mikrotik Routers.

Setting up a hotspot account on Mikrotik Routers might not be a difficult task.
If you follow some easy steps, Hotspot can be configured easily. To configure hotspot on any mikrotik router one need to be familiar with Mikrotik basic configuration, Mikrotik Hotspot server configuration, Hotspot user profile creation, and lastly activation of user on the Hotspot.
If your new to Mikrotik or still having some drawback, you will be able find some of my previous post on getting started with mikrotik and also how to use winbox, so to run a Hotspot service in your network perfectly.

MikroTik Router Initial Configuration
Before going to setup Hotspot server in MikroTik router, first you will need to complete basic MikroTik router configuration. MikroTik basic configuration includes assigning WAN, LAN, Gateway and DNS IP address and NAT configuration
In this tutorial will not configure NAT because it will automatically be configured while configuring Hotspot server.
First of all log into your mikrotik winbox with the correct parameters. If you loging in for the first time, put username admin and password left blank.
Go to IP > Addresses menu from Winbox. Address List window will appear. Click on add new button (PLUS SIGN). New Address window will appear. Now put WAN IP in Address input box and choose your MikroTik WAN interface from Interface drop-down menu and then click Apply and OK
Click on PLUS SIGN again and put your LAN Gateway IP in Address input box and choose your LAN interface from Interface drop-down menu and then click Apply and OK
Now go to IP > Routes Route List window will appear. Click on PLUS SIGN button to add gateway address. In New Route window, put your gateway address in Gateway input box and then click Apply and OK button.
Now go to IP > DNS menu. DNS Settings window will appear. Put DNS server IP in Servers input box and if you wish to add secondary DNS IP, click on add new value button located after Servers input box and put secondary DNS server IP in new arrival input box. Now click on Allow Remote Requests check box so that your MikroTik router acts as a DNS server for your Hotspot user. This option is necessary because your MikroTik router will be primary DNS server for your Hotspot user.
That is all we will need to complete the basic configuration when setting up a hotspot.

MikroTik Hotspot Server Configuration
We will start the server configuration by clicking on  IP > Hotspot menu from your.
Here we will see a Hotspot window.
From Hotspot window, click on Hotspot Setup a small window named Hotspot Setup will appear now.
Choose your LAN interface from Hotspot Interface drop-down menu, hence, we are going to install Hotspot server in LAN interface. If you have bridge interface created before and want to setup Hotspot server on bridge interface, choose your bridge interface from drop-down menu.
  click Next
Your LAN gateway IP will automatically be selected as Hotspot address or local address of your network. So, nothing to do here just click Next
Now option to choose address pool for your Hotspot server from where IP address will be assigned to clients. Normally, it will show your network IP range without gateway IP. You can change default range as your wish or can keep the default range. Click Next button now.
If you have SSL certificate, you can import by choosing import other certificate option or select none if you do not have any SSL certificate. Now click Next
Fill in the  SMTP server address in IP Address of SMTP Server input box or you can keep blank if you do not to use SMTP server. Click Next
Now it is option to setup DNS configuration. DNS servers that you have provided in basic configuration will automatically be selected here. So, nothing to do just click Next button now.
Now it is time to put DNS name and this is a mandatory field. DNS name will be used to get Hotspot login page. So, put a standard DNS. and click Next button.
Now put a local Hotspot user. By default it is admin. You can keep this user or change as your wish. Also put password in Password for the User input box. Click Next button.
Hotspot server setup has been completed and you will get a successful message now.
Hotspot User Profile Configuration
To generate a user profile configuration, Go to IP > Hotspot.
 Click on User Profiles tab.
Click on PLUS SIGN to create a new user profile. New Hotspot User Profile window will appear.
In New Hotspot User Profile window, put a name in Name input box and choose IP pool, from where IP address will be assigned to the users, from Address Pool drop-down menu.
You can also assign bandwidth to the users of this profile.
Now click Apply and OK
You have successfully created a Hotspot user profile. You can create as many user profiles as you need according to the above steps and provide different facilities to different users.
Hotspot User Creation.
To add Hotspot user, Click on Users tab and you will see a user is present there which you have created while installing Hotspot server. Now we will create a new user. So, click on PLUS SIGN. New Hotspot User window will appear.
In New Hotspot User window, select Hotspot server from Server drop-down menu.
Put user name in Name input box and password in Password input field.
Now choose user profile from Profile drop-down menu.
It is possible to assign fixed IP address to any user. If you want to assign fixed IP address, put it in Address input field. You can also put client’s MAC address here. If you put client MAC address in MAC Address input field, the user can only login with this device.
Now click Apply and OK
So this is how you about creating Hotspot on Mikrotik routers. If you face any difficult doing the above configuration feel free to leave a comment and we at will be happy to render our professional help at no cost.

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