Why You Need to configure Load Balancing over Two ISP”s On Your Network

The technology involved in Load Balancing is used to send Ethernet and internet traffic over multiple gateways. Why will anyone think of load balancing? beside you have your internet and all is going well with your organization, but think of it, maybe it never occur to you, due to the market strategies employed by the marketer who sold the internet connection to you.

 Let look at this scenario: your having a presentation with the executives or prospecting clients, and suddenly your network fails for any reason, you will be forced to look for solution for this moment if not for anything. And this leads us to the concept of multiple internet service providers ISPs.
Now the benefit of having multiple ISP connections in your network is that you can send your network traffic through those ISP connections and can make a load balancing network. Accidently if any of these links fails traffic will be force to take the live route while still running a ping to the other link.
If you ask me I will tell you that everything we do today is done on the internet. Organization needs internet services like their breath, but I will tell one secrecy, and that is the fact that No ISP can give you 100% guarantee that their connection will remain always alive.
Although they will tell all manner sweet talks to get you to their network but, at will come when they will tell you there is a fiber cut, we are working on it, and it will be restored shortly.
So, it will be better to use more than one ISP connection in your network so that you can increase your internet access probability.

Now, in some cases am assuming that your engaged with some ISPs because you are using other services which they provide (such as Mail, IPPBX, VPN, etc.)  So for this reason you can’t just abandoned their service even though you’re getting poor internet connection. In this case, you can use another ISP which will provide you better service at for a redundancy purpose.
Some of us have ISP connection that very good enough offering 90-98% up time, but we face a challenge of high cost bandwidth. In this case, you can purchase another ISP bandwidth which is cheap but their connection is good, not better.
After going through all these, you will make and weigh your choice and at last I believe you choose to use multiple ISP connections in your network.
If you have multiple ISP connections, you can balance your network load as well as you can make link redundancy. There are a number of ways by which you can make load balancing as well as link redundancy using MikroTik router. Among them,  I will discuss in my upcoming post on how to load balance between two ISP’s. I will be using Mikrotik Router for the lab work.

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