How To Send Crypto Currencies From Your Wallet.

When you’re done with funding and securing your wallet, the next step you will take is to start trading, and for you start trading you must know how to send currencies from your wallet, in other to be successful trading in any platform you have to get acquainted to these strategies.

To successful fund your wallet, please follow my step below:
Step 1 Using the correct authentication details login into your account from before you do this I believe this the platform where you created you account.
Step 2 locate the send tag on the dash board.

Step 3 click on the currency drop down arrow to select the crypto category you wish to send.
Step 4 paste the destination address and make sure you paste the destination address properly as it is from the receive hence any form of mistake will lead to lost of the transaction, between the both parties.
Step 5 enter the amount of coin your sending or the USD equivalent.
You will see your transaction fee and if your okay for the transaction at this point you can click on the continue button to conclude your transaction. With this you have done you first coin transaction, congratulations and welcome to the world of millionaires. Stay with us as we bring you platforms for trading coin daily and making  profits.
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