How To Sell And Make Profit On Coins Exchange.

All cryptocurrencies that have made it to the exchange market are listed on these are currencies that can be traded. The secret is to look for coins that cost less than $1 and are listed in the top 100 on coinmarketcap. The top hundred coins are the ones with huge market capitalization and have the potentials to rise and remain relevant for a long time.

 Once a coin of interest has been found on coinmarketcap, head back to, click on exchange, market and search for that coin of interest.  Lets assume that your found IOSToken, ELF or ITC. So then I will show how you can purchase this coin of your interest in the exchange platform.

From the image above, the side with the red arrow lists the IOST that have been put up for sale with the one with the lowest price listed first. The figures displaying alongside the coins include, price of each unit of the coin, amount of coin the seller has put it up for  sale, the total cost of the whole coins the seller is willing to sell. All prices are listed in Bitcoin.
According to the market graph , an IOST coin costs $0.03 cent ; that means you will get more coins with $100 bitcoin. You will see that you investment might yield over 2000 units of IOST coin. After the purchase, you can either setup a sell order by fixing a price at which the system exchanges  your IOST for Bitcoin on your behalf or you can have patient till the said coin appreciates and one more pice I need to add is that you shold not be in too much hurry to buy or sell your coins always monitor and study the market rise and fall strategy .
This is because the coin might appreciate to over $100 in three months and then you can  decide to sell it. So then you will have  2000 units of IOST multiplied by $100. That will give a whopping $200,000 worth of bitcoin and then you will sell it in exchange market for real cash in your local currency. I believe at this point you can contest for the post of a mayor in your community. Hahaha! That was just for fun but I quess the concept  really make sense.

So let go down on how to you sell your coins
Selling your coin is as simple as buying it. It involves exchanging your coin with Bitcoin and selling your bitcoins to local buyers who will pay you in your local currency. 
To exchange your coin with Bitcoin in cryptopia, enter the name of the cryptocurrency you want to sell in the search field, click on it and enter the price you would want to sell a unit of your coin, enter the amount of coin you want to sell and click on sell. 
The key to selling your coins fast is to make sure your price is lower than that of the first seller listed in sell order. That way, you become the number one. You can also place a sell order by listing a higher price at which the system sells on your behalf. If the coin is worth $1, you can set a sell order for $100. Once the coin rises above $100, the system will activate the sale.
To be successful, in cryptocurency trading, one needs to be a participant and read several materials on it. Some people will ask: what if the value of the coin drops after I have purchased it? Yes, it happens. The key is to leave the coin for as long as it takes, eventually, it will rise again. Some coins are worth well over $80 billion in market capitalization and can not just vanish into thin air. Knowing that you are not the only investor who has invested money on that coin is the key to staying patient and succeeding.
Successful people never hold back they keep on throwing the net as long as it takes.
I advice to invest today because it might cost little or nothing now to invest  $100 and forget it, for a while.

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