How To Fund Your CryptoCurrencies Wallets

Hello guys we are going more into business with our coin wallet which we created in the tutorial above. 
So after creating a wallet, the next thing we did was to ensure security by applying a strong authentication method, to the wallet to protect it from attackers, so then it time now for us to start funding our wallet which is the next step. So in this tutorial I am going to show how you will securely fund your wallet by requesting a coin from a seller or dealer.

Looking at your wallet, what you’re seeing as balance is $0.00   this is because you have not funded your cryptocurrency wallet. To fund your wallet follow my step below:
Step 1 login into your blockchain account.
Step 2 on the dashboard you will see a tag for request.
Step 3 click on the request tag to see your wallet address which you will send to the partner sending you coin.
Please note that your wallet ID is different from your wallet address.
Step 4  click on the copy tag and make sure you copy the address as it is written, hence any mistake will lead to the lost of your coin.
So then after this you will receive the amount value of coin you requested and the monetary value displaying on your dashboard.

So this is how you go about receiving coin into your wallet. Don’t forget you have three wallets all together when you create a wallet on blockchain, these wallets has different wallet address, so you should take this into consideration.
To see wallets click on the coin to see the particular wallet address.
Thanks and stay with us as we bring to you how to send coin from your wallet and also how to trade and make gain out of your coin in different platforms.

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  • February 21, 2018 at 2:02 pm

    Quite a detailed post. Request you to write a detailed post on how to do bitcoin trading.


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