How To Change IP Adress On A Mikrotik Router

So far We have done some little bit complex configurations in our mikrotik routers, and this tutorial will act as a refreshment of things we know before now, it is going to be simple and the essence of the tutorial is  to demonstrate how to change a router’s IP address.
To assign an IP address on your router, I believe that the router is a brand new router or it has has being reset to factory default mode.

So the first  thing we need to do is to connect to the router via Mac address and follow my steps below :
On the router main menu interface >>click on IP.
>> Click on DHCP server.
Click on networks.
Double click on the IP.
Here we are going to modify the network address here.
So here the IP address I have is ranging from which is the mikrotik default address when you login using Mac address.
So we are going to change the range of this default IP to our own network so that when next will we want to login we will the use the assigned IP.

we will recall that an IP address in a simple term is defined as a 32bit address characters specially assigned to host for its identification on a network, example

So in this case let assume that our new network is in other to input this in the router all we need is just to edit  the parameters. Click on apply and okay and this becomes our new network.

Next step is for us to go back to IP and then click on address. Here we are going to change the IP address on the bridge interface because the IP address configuration might be done on the bridge but in the case it is not,
Note that you won’t be changing the address on the WAN interface because it is connected to your modem and it is dynamically assigned.
So the only option left is either on ether3, 4 or there about as the case maybe.
So we will be changing that IP address to and also change the netmask to then we click on apply and ok.
Next will go to IP and then >>>click on Pool
Now you will be very careful here because this is where the DHCP server issues or gives out IP addresses from. So you’re going to simply change the pool to align with our new network by doing minor edits of the IP to click on apply and ok.
After these changes all you need is to go to system and the reboot your router.
At this point your will be required to login using an IP address. That all you need to configure an IP address on a mikrotik router.
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