Datally: Stop Data Wastage With Google’s New Android App

It has being so exciting all the way seeing Google doing great innovation in tech, And now Google rolled out An app to manage and improve Android users experience.
The app is generally known  as “Datally”,.

Google’s new Android mobile device users,
therefore, has nothing to worry about turning data on and off to avoid waste anymore, since the app is professionally built to manage their data wastage, which seems to be a pressing concern of Android mobile users today.

The all new Android application helps you understand, where your data is going, how much you are using, and how much data is getting wastage in the apps running in the background helping the users save a major portion of their data that otherwise goes wasted.
The Datally mobile app is designed to show the data usages and the ways to cut down the same. It also recommends the nearby Wi-Fi networks to manage the data usages.

Datally is Google’s very newest addition to its initiate to making Google products available in places that has limited mobile connections.
 For the same reason, Google is focusing on such a basic feature of managing data storage in the Smartphone’s.
 Google designed the app to take less space in mobile device,  Datally takes up to about  6MB of mobile spaces storage only.
To even crown it all, in the application, there is a button at the top that helps users manage all the background data usages.

So, data is consumed only by the apps that are active on the mobile screen. A bubble will pop up to notify the users of current data usage. In case, you don’t want all the apps to stop at once, Datally lets you go in to control the data usages by app basis. you can simply download the app here Datally

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