Simple Ways To Carry out transaction From Your Comfort Zone with Glo Xchange

With Glo, you  have a path in breaking product called Mobile Money.
This  is a service whereby customers use their mobile phone device to send and receive monetary value or more simply put, and  transfer money electronically from one person to another using a mobile phone as Mobile Wallet”.

With Mobile Money the user does not need to have a bank account to carry out financial services but just their mobile phones or mobile devices.
Glo allows Mobile money users,  no matter the type of their mobile phone, you  can easily walk into any Glo Xchange outlet,and then  Register to a mobile money service of  your choice, then simply load their created mobile money wallets and proceed to carry out transactions on their mobile phones from the comfort of their homes, entertainment areas, offices etc.
Especially now that the number of  people in Nigeria without a bank account is increasing daily, Mobile Money presents the best option to financially reach them.

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