This years, 2018 WifI signal is getting better with netgearintroducing an outdoor router with water, dust  and temperature resistance all in one access point.

 The Orbi Outdoor Satellite which does all these and still look good  is on sales now, in the United States through authorized NETGEAR partners and other reseller channels, ecommerce sites, and major retailers at  $329.99.

Orbi Outdoor Satellite requires an Orbi Router for Home or Small Business (RBR50, RBR40, RBR20 or SRR60 – sold separately) or use with your existing Orbi WiFi SystemThe new Orbi extends coverage to outside your house by up to 2,500 square feet, and has the same capabilities as Orbi’s Whole Home Wi-Fi System, including a single network name, with a dedicated channel for data exchange between the satellite and main router, and a good separate guest Wi-Fi network.

 The router also features guest and employee traffic separation and a separate admin network if you need it.

An Orbi WiFi System includes at least two components as part of the mesh network, a router and a satellite, that are pre-paired together for an easy out-of-the-box set-up.

Simply connect the Orbi router to your internet modem or service provider gateway, and place the Orbi satellite somewhere central to the area of intended WiFi coverage.

 Depending upon the Orbi System installed, the WiFi coverage area can range from 3,500 square feet up to 5,000 feet around your property.

 By adding an Orbi Outdoor Satellite to an existing Orbi WiFi System, the range of the WiFi mesh coverage zone can be expanded to another 2,500 square feet extending to the farthest perimeter of your property for WFi at the pool, guest house, garage and the grill.

General features:
 Extends high-performance WiFi coverage outdoors up to an extra 2,500 square feet.

Weather-resistant : Keep connected outdoors, rain or shine.

Easy setup : Set up in minutes with Orbi App or any web browser.

Ease of placement : Use stand or wall mount for flexible placement options.

Patented FastLane3 Technology : Maximize Internet speeds available inside and outside your home.

 through a dedicated Tri-Band WiFi connection between the Orbi Router and the Satellite.

Single Network Name : Stay connected seamlessly as you move from indoors to outdoors.

Ambient night light — Create a schedule to turn your Orbi Outdoor Satellite LED lights on and off at specific times, or use the Orbi Mobile App or the switch.

Guest WiFi Network — Easily set up separate internet access for your guests.

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