How to update To The Latest iTunes On Mac and Windows.

This post is about how you can simply update your iTunes both on Mac and Windows so, I believe that before looking for update for any software you must have already have it,( the software or iTunes) installed in your system and if you have an already  installed iTunes on your computer.

 All you need, is just to follow these simple steps below to update to the latest version of iTunes.

But in the case that you don’t have have iTunes pre installed on your computer system you will need to download the latest version.

When updating your iTunes using Apple Mac,
Click on the App Store on your Mac.
Click Updates at the top of the window.
If any macOS or iTunes updates are available, click Install.
and you will have the latest version installed.

If your using Windows to update your iTunes,
Click on iTunes to open.
From the menu bar at the top of the iTunes window, choose Help.
Then  Check for Updates.
Follow the screen step or commands to install the latest version of iTunes on your devices.
I hope this post was very helpful and I will like to thank you for stopping by.

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