How To Reset A mikrotik Router.

There are times you may want to reset your router to its default configuration. One of the ways to reset a router is either to do it manually, or use the command line, so in this tutorial am going to explain how to manually remove all configurations in a mikrotik router board and also how to use the command line, I will also explain when and why you should reset the board manually. At the end of this tutorial you should be able to have a fresh new mikrotik board that will allow for further new customization and configuration.

To set mikrotik router, you’re intending to wipe out all initial configurations done on the router board.
 To perform the operation follow my steps below:
Step 1 log onto the router board.
Step 2 click on new terminal icon.
A command line interface will pop up.
Type in system reset.

Hit the enter button on your keyboard.
A dialog question will appear on the command line interface : [Dangerous! Reset anyway? [y/N]:]
Enter the alphabet y and hit the enter button on your key board.
And your router will reset and reboot automatically.
Another way to reset your router board [411, 433] is to perform this operation manually. This could be because you no longer have access to the router login interface or the router not logging in, manually resetting of mikrotik board sometimes is a way to fix some inch’s on the router board. 
To perform this operation follow my steps below :
Step 1 power up the board with it’s POE adopter.
Step 2 look for a conductor, for normally I use a screw driver with flat edge for better performance.
Step 3 we are going to place the screw driver on one of the screws and grounded terminal.
and then apply power to the router board, hold it for fews seconds a long sound will be heard, like its’s cracking sound at first and then before the normal beep sound. If the operation was sucessfully carried out you can now log into the router and click on remove configuration settings dailog script.
Ressting RB750  is much simple hencs there is a reset button on the router that says reset. so all you need do is just to look for a pin to press down and hold the reset button for few seconds and your royuter will go back to initial and default configuration.
So this is all you neeed to reset a mikrotik router to it’s default configuration.

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