How To Repair Mikrotik RB Using Netinstal.

One of the easy ways to repair a mikrotik routerOS is to use a mikrotik net install software.
So toady we will work out a scenario together using a mikrotik RB750 to demonstrate how simple it will be when fixing a Mikrotik RB.

First you must have tried logging into your Mikrotik Routerboard with MT winbox application and your experiencing some difficulties logging in or the router keeps logging you out, with this I believe you have winbox installed in your system. The next thing is to download the application MT netinstall application.
This is a software program that runs on Windows computer and allows you to install, reinstall or reset MikroTiK RouterOS onto a PC or onto a RB using Ethernet cable.
To carry out this repair job, setup your laptop with static ip address using MT default IP : 192.168.
1.10 Or (You can alsosee how to configure IP address here) any valid IP within this range, and with net booting server lunched, I clicked on net booting to use client address as  I plugged in my cat5 Ethernet cable to ports 1 of the MTRB750 which is labeled POE in, actually if it doesn’t work on port 1 you can try out other ports on MT RB750, for me no need to try out other port because port 1 does the job at a tip, so then.
Hold down the reset button on MT RB750.
Next thing I did is to slot in power inlet adopter to apply applied power to the MT RB750.
At this point, the ACT led light will start blinking while the power is on standby, I have to wait few seconds till led (act) stopped blinking and watching netinstall program which will display the Mac address of the router with a status saying ready.
I then clicked on it and click on install; if the net booting was successful you see the progress of the installation running on the program. After the installation click o reboot to reboot the router again.

Now that you’re done login into the router board using the winbox application and do your configurations . 

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