How To Install Packages On Mikrotik Router

The packages all mikrotik routers supports, is customized and strictly for mikrotik OS only.
Mikrotik RouterOS supports a lot of different features which we have seen in previous tutorial and we will also exploring more as the tutorial unveils the more later on this blog.
 We will all agree that every installation done on mikrotik requires a specific feature set, it is possible to add or remove certain groups of features using the package system. As a matter of fact, a user is able to control what features are available and size of installation.

So here am going to show, how you can add packages on your router, the most interesting part of mikrotik is that everything is design in packages so this you should bear in mind as we go through this tutorials.
Follow my steps below to get the packages.
Step1 you will need to go to mikrotik website… www.
Step 2 click on software.
Step 3 chooses the proper type of packages you want base on the type of router os your running on your mikrotik.
Once you’re able to download the package, save it on your desktop and extract the files.
Next step am going to show you how to install the packages into your router.
To install these packages into your router you will need to open winbox and connect your router.
click on  system.

Click on   packages.

Here you will see the list of all packages installed and then let say for example my router comes with a wireless feature which means that it is able to connect wirelessly but it cannot because the package are not install.
So now I want to install the wireless package into my router. To do this all I need is to go to my desktop drag the wireless package and drop inside the router package list, what will happen is that it will copy the files in the file list.
Now we have successfully installed the package wireless but this package start functioning as soon as the router gets rebooted. So all we have to do now, is to click on system and click on reboot. Reconnect again and check that these features have being install now.

So this is how you install different packages on a mikrotik router.

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