How To fix Problems With Mkrotik Ethernet Freezing.

I recently deployed a Mikrotik RB411 to my client, with everything working perfectly; I was happy and then left the site for another site.

Actually in my organization we have a logo that says ” we provide internet solution.” And then we have being in business for over fifteen years having experienced several ups and down when it comes to deploying basic internet equipments, more often we rely on MT different series modules over these years.

So for this reason we can comfortably beat our chest and say we can do it because we have done it and we are still doing when it comes to solving problem related to MT modules.

But some days after this particular installation I start experiencing some issue that seems to be random across MT network router boards although it happened some time ago in one of the MT RB I used as a base station and I was able to manage the situation.

Now the problem is this ….. After the installation the router board freezes at interval,( read more more on how to solve problems with freezing routers). at first I was thinking it was a problem with my clients LAN so I ask them to restart their UPS which they did and I narrow it down to their internal problem, but funny enough the persist the next day I have to go down to the site myself and restarted the radio and also the cable that was plugged into their network, well after this the internet come again and work for few days so this becomes a re occurring incidence.

In other to keep the client satisfied I have to climb the mask top to re crimp the Ethernet Cat5 cable, infact at some extent I have to bypass the Ethernet boot yet the problem persist. I was confuse I have to change the MT RB used for the installation SXT at my own expense and it worked for some days and the normal freezing come back to how It was from the start.

One funny thing about it this time is that when I restart the MT RB from my dude server, traffic will start passing; can this be the solution to this problem? So I should always monitor this client and restart their router each time it fails, is this professional ?.
Meanwhile am certain that my configurations are perfect. So here is what I did to solve this problem.

Upgrading the MT routerboard firmware.

I disabled the auto-negotiation of the ethernet interface that running in Mikrotik and the switch and some other wireless devices and place the static values, for example 100Mbps full duplex.

An my problem was fixed so guys you if have any similar pending issues like this I hope you will find this article helpful.
But if the problem persist I recommend you do hard system reset or even getting a new router especially when you observe that the router reboot on intervals.

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