How To Configure DHCP Client On Mikrotk Router

After a long work of setting up a DHCP Server now we have to setup the DHCP client which will automatically take the IP issued out by the DHCP server. So for us to do this we will have to follow these simple steps below

Step 1 : lunch your winbos application by Loging into the router with your mikrotik Winbox.
Step 2 : On the menu, Go to IP > DHCP Client.
Step3 : You will see a new window.
Step 4 : Click in the red plus button to add a DHCP client

Step 5 : After clicking the red plus button, another window will appear.
Step 6 : Lets stop at the first setting (Interface). The Interface is a part of hardware on the board. Example, Ethernet(LAN) port 1 is an interface. Your wireless Card that is connected to the board (WAN) is an interface.
If your Mikrotik Ethernet port 1 is connected to your ADSL router with an ethernet cable, then the Mikrotik Ethernet port 1 should be a DHCP client because this port will receive an IP address from the ADSL router. Under Interface, Select ether1 and press apply and OK.

Step 7 : Now you will see that you have your ether1 searching for an IP address. In the image below, ether2 is also used as a DHCP client for a 3G router, if the ADSL fails.


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