Experince The Difference With Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi Pro.

Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi Pro gets WI-FI signal to every nook and cranny of your house, smarter, faster, and safer using it’s 360 degree signal broadcast  features.  
 Huawei is now making it easy with their new generation Mobile WI-Fi Pro.

Incorporating a WIFI with big storage into a single device this therefore means it’s now easier than ever to share files between your devices, friends and family.

You can now quickly and easily send  photos, and apps to your friends through the same mobile Wi-Fi
The device is designed with protected and hidden ports, and is also built with Ethernet/3G dual link and the flexibility to support WAN/LAN auto redirect – all so you can stay connected without any problems while you travel.

With Hauwei’s mobile WI-FI pro, you will get your integrated into a seemly  dual link and enjoy the flexibility which it offers supporting your  WAN/LAN auto redirect  in your devices this means your all connected all through your journey with this single device.


Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi Pro features 5200 mAh battery which sounds powerful enough to be a power bank even to charge your other devices. 
The devices is meant to work effortlessly on it’s own up to about 20 hours straight and stand by for over 500 hours according to huawei mobile-broadbandwebsite.
The device also feature a covered and easy to open port which supports LAN when the consumer need for it arises
The Typical value. Actual capacity may vary slightly. 
 Charging data obtained by Huawei laboratories. Charging tests are conducted at a temperature of 25, in 45% – 80% humidity.

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