Creating DHCP Servers On mikrotik

The DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is used for the easy distribution of IP addresses in a network. The MikroTik RouterOS implementation includes both server and client parts and is compliant with RFC 2131.
The router supports an individual server for each Ethernet-like interface. The MikroTik RouterOS DHCP server supports the basic functions of giving each requesting client an IP address/netmask lease, default gateway, domain name, DNS-server(s) and WINS-server(s) (for Windows clients) information (set up in the DHCP networks submenu)

In order for the DHCP server to work, IP pools must also be configured (do not include the DHCP server’s own IP address into the pool range) and the DHCP networks.
Login with Winbox software so in this tutorial the first am going to do is to assign IP to the bridge.
Click on IP  > click on Addresses.
So there are two ways of doing this configuration
So your could assign the IP to the bridge or to the port all the same the configuration will work very well so any device connected to the bridge will get a DHCP if your assign using a bridge.
After then we will create an address pool, actually this is where the entire client will get their IP addresses.

Go to IP > click on pool and the add the IP address your want the clients to take IP from.
Let say 192.168.0 20 –
So in this configuration the pool range will be between 20- 40. Click on apply and okay.
So now we are going to go over to
Go to IP > DHCP Server
You will see a new window.
We will then create a new one by clicking in the red plus button to add a DHCP Server.
The address for this server will pool from the pool we have just created above, then we have to change our interface to align with the current interface on our pool, click apply and ok. For me I prefer allowing the default time to its default configuration of 10mins, but depending on you, you can either elongate it or shorten it all depends on what you want to achieve in your configuration.
The next thing we will do is to click on networks and then add a new network which we are using that network. The gateway on the network will be the address of the bridge you created using the .1.
So in summary let take a look at what we have done so far.
1. We created an address pool and assign it to a bridge where the entire network will be getting it’s IP.
2. We created a DHCP Server and this DHCP Serve will be using the pool we created.
3. Finally we created a network for that address.
So this how you about creating DHCP Servers on a router, depending on you, you can create more and more DHCP server to expand your network.

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