Configuring NTP Server On A Mikrotik Router.
Today in this tutorial am going to explain how we can configure an NTP server on a mikrotik router.
Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a networking protocol for time synchronization between computer systems and network devices over packet-switched, variable-latency data networks.
First of all we must understand why you need to setup this server; well the reason is that if you want all the time in your devices to be synchronized then you need this server.

 So in other for you to successfully install an NTP server on your mikrotik router, you will need to make that the package is install in the router, to check and verify you should click on system, >>>>> packages and make sure the package ntp is installed.
Click here to learn more on how to install packages on mikrotik router.
So then to configure NTP the first step is to go  this which I provide here
Step 2 you will click on use the pool and then it will direct to a page displaying the servers, the next step we are going to configure the pool using the first and the second address provided on use the pool page.
So here we are going to go back to our router, click on system click on NTP server.
We are going to enable the server and the broadcastalso my checking the box click on apply and ok.
 The broadcast will be sending information, telling the entire network that is a time server.
Next thing to do is to configure the NTP client click on system, click on NTP client, the reason for the client is that you will need a client that is engaged on the internet to enable the router synchronization, in this category the router in turn will then redistribute the time to others devices.
So here we are going to enter the address provided on the pool website we visited earlier.
The domain name: 0.pool.ntp.orginside the primary NTP server.
On the secondary we will enter the second one:

For this configuration you don’t need to worry about name and IP address because it will automatically resolve itself. Click apply and ok. So all you need to do now is any where you have other devices all you  need is to go to the client and enter the IP address of this router and it will automatically get time.
So this is how you configure NTP server on your router.

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