How to establish a point to point WAN link using ubiquity M5 Air Max

In my organization we often deploy various types of Mikrotik devices to the field  and sometimes ubiquity  devices AKA Air Max, for  shooting a long range point to point WAN link as long as communication is concerned.

But at a time, just few days ago from this writing, I ran out of stock  (mikrotik devices) and then I have  an installation to be carried out, having tested the equipment (ubiquity M5) in my base station so I went ahead for the installation.

 Actually what I did before now is to establish a point to point link using two M5 Air in at my base station, I didn’t think of cross checking if it will be able to integrate into the already existing mikrotik devices on my base stations sectors, well I was very hopeful that I can easily maneuver some frequencies and then establish the link beside the distance from the customer to my base station wasn’t up to 1kilometer.

On getting to the site I was able to put up everything and was ready to scan but on scanning I didn’t see any of my bases even when trying to change to other countries to see if any of the frequencies will match all didn’t work.

If you ever find your such a situation In the field the only solution for now is to simply go back your base station and install another M5 air max to point to the customers end thereby making a point to point wan link now once this done you are likely to face a challenge with managing the link as in allocation the appropriate bandwidth to the customer.

The question now is, how do I cheque this customer to their allocated bandwidth?, for me what I did to manage this link is to get a mikrotik RB750 router and then configure it you can learn how to configure Mikrotik RB750 router here, so that the LAN coming from the POE will the ether 1 and then I will take the uplink cable from the ether2 of the mikrotik RB750 router at this point you will notice that it the RB750 device that is doing the management, now this RB750 router can be kept on either end, but in most cases at the customer end. Here is the diagram of the scenario  

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