How to create a virtal machine VM on a window 7 computer.

In other for you to create a VM on a window 7 computer follow the step below

If necessary, download  windows virtual PC on
Select download windows virtual PC without window XP mode.
In the select system drop down list,select the version and edition of window you are running on the host computer.
In the select language drop down list select your language.
Select download.
In the window validation required window, select continue.
In the window validation was successful window, select continue.

When your are prompted to open and save file. Select save.
When download is complete, select open folder.
To install windows virtual  PC follow the steps below :

In the user name > Downloads folder, open the file you just downloaded. The file that is displayed depend s on the selection you made for the system and language.

When you are prompted to install the windows software update , select yes.
Accept the license agreement.
When installation is complete, select Restart now.
When the computer finished restarting and boot up, log on to the windows.

How to create  A VM
To create a VM on the computer, select start windows virtual PC.
In the user name > virtual machines folder, select create virtual machine.
Specify a name  and location for the virtual and select next.
Specify memory and networking options and select next.
Specify in the type of virtual hard disk for this VM if necessary, check Enable undo disk and select create.
Now that you have created a VM is time to start a VM in your computer  follow my steps below:
To start a VM in window 7
Select > windows virtual PC.
In the virtual machines window, double click the name of the VM you want  to start.
The first time you start time you start a VM after creation you will get a message. “Reboot and select proper Boot device” or insert Boot media in the selected Boot device because there is no operating system installed.
After  an operating system is installed on the VM, when you start  your VM , you might be prompted to log on to windows.
Finally there are times you might want to increase the memory on youe VM to do that you might likely shut down the Vm.
In the Virtual machine windows select the VM and select settings.

In the windows virtual PC settings window in the left pane , select MEMORY.
Adjust the value in the memory ( RAM) text box and select OK.
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